Canola price in pakistan

Canola price (Raya Price) in Pakistan is ranging from Rs. 16,000 to 17,000 per 100kg in different cities of Pakistan. 40 kg canola price in Pakistan is ranging from Rs. 6400 to 6800 in Pakistan. 

Per Kg canola price in Pakistan is ranging from Rs. 160 to 170 per kg. 

Canola is a oily products of agriculture it is widely used in cooking industries and pickling industries in Pakistan.

Mostly canola is cultivated in Punjab and Sindh. There are new seeds of canola is available which has high profit and yields. In less consumption. 

Canola is also cultivated with wheat fields and in cotton fields. Now we are going to discuss about the latest prices of canola in Pakistan different cities.

Canola Price per 100 kg in Pakistan.

Canola price in different cities of Pakistan per 100 kg weight 

City Name      Weight         Price

Multan.             100kg.       16,000 to 17,000

Bahawalpur.    100kg.       16,100 to 17,100

Sargodha.         100kg.       15,000 to 16,000

Ali Pur.              100kg.       15,000 to 16,000

Mianwali.          100 kg        16,00 to 17,000

TT Singh.            100 kg       15,000 to 16,000

Layyah.               100 kg.      16,000 to 17,000

These rates are per 100kg weight of canola. These rates may little bit different from city to city.

Canola price per 40kg

Canola price per 40 kg in Pakistan are  between Rs. 64,00 to 66,00 and the details is given below in each city of Pakistan.

City Name          Weight         Price

Multan.                  40kg.       6,400 to 7,000

Bahawalpur.         40kg.       6,100 to 7,100

Sargodha.               40kg.       5,800 to 6,000

Ali Pur.                    40kg.       5,900 to 6,000

Mianwali.               40 kg        6,400 to 6800

TT Singh.                 40 kg       5900 to 6,000

Layyah.                    40 kg.      6,300 to 6,600

These rates are per 40 kg weigh of canola in Pakistan.

1 kg canola price in Pakistan

Raya price in Pakistan per 1kg weight is between Pkr. 160 to 170 per kg and the detailed price are given below in a tables.

City Name          Weight         Price

Multan.                  1kg.       164 to 170

Bahawalpur.         1kg.       161 to 171

Sargodha.               1kg.       158 to 164

Ali Pur.                    1kg.       159 to 167

Mianwali.               1 kg        164 to 168

TT Singh.                 1 kg       159 to 160

Layyah.                    1kg.      163 to 167

These Rates are per 1 kg of canola price in Pakistan.

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