wheat support price in pakistan 2024

The Wheat support price for 2024 are not yet officially announced from the government of Pakistan but the estimated support price for wheat in 2024 for Punjab Rs. 3900 weight 40kg Sindh Rs. 4000 Weight 40kg KPK Rs. 4920 Weight 40kg Balochistan Rs. 4000 weight 40kg 

Above are the estimated support price of wheat in all provinces of Pakistan. But the government of Pakistan and floor mills association have not announce any rate for the year 2024.

Sindh government's decision to purchase wheat from March 20. 353 centers will be established in the province to purchase wheat.

This year Sindh government has fixed the price of wheat at 4000 rupees. While the target of buying 9 lakh tonnes of wheat has been fixed in the province.

The decision to purchase wheat in Punjab has not been made yet. Any news coming from different sources is fake. Punjab has to pay 684 billion of previous loan of wheat. The IMF demands that at least 25 percent must be returned. Earlier, 31 lakh tonnes of wheat has been imported. And the stock of local wheat is also 80%.

Wheat production in 2024 

A lot of wheat has been planted in Pakistan in 2024, so the official price of wheat has not been fixed yet.
Due to which the farmer is very worried and the purchase of wheat has not started yet, but the wheat crop is ready and the harvest has also started.
This year there are chances that the rate of wheat will come down because wheat has been cultivated a lot and the rate of wheat has not been fixed yet.
due to which there are chances of lowering the rate. 3500 will be fixed and 4000 will be fixed in Sindh and the rest of the districts will be fixed accordingly.

Reasons for increase or decrease in price of wheat

Reason for decrease price:

The price of wheat is low when there is a lot of wheat cultivation and wheat is not being purchased.
And the government should stop the export of wheat.
When a country's relations with another country are not good and wheat cannot be taken out and sent to the country.
When the treasury of the country is empty.

Reasons for increase Price:

When wheat is under-cultivated.
When the purchase of wheat is high and wheat is not available.
When there is a wheat crisis in the country and the demand for flour etc. is high and the country's treasury is also good, then the rate of wheat increases at that time.
When a country has good relations with another country and the wheat that is available can be exported to other countries.


The support price for wheat in Pakistan are not yet announced. So, stay connected with us to get latest news for wheat rates in 2024. We are working hard to inform you with all the latest and accurate updates. 

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