expected petrol prices in pakistan tomorrow


Islamabad, Pakistan - The prices of petrol are expected to decrease further starting from June 16, as global oil rates have declined due to the Middle East crisis. The federal government is set to review and revise petrol prices on June 15, with the new prices taking effect from June 16.

Since April 16, the PML-N led coalition government has reduced the price of petrol by Rs24 per litre and diesel by Rs20 per litre. On May 31, the government further slashed the price of petrol by Rs4.74 per litre and diesel by Rs3.68. Currently, the price of petrol stands at Rs268.36 per litre and diesel at Rs273.10, valid until June 15.

The expected new price of petrol from June 16 is Rs256.36 per litre, representing a decrease of Rs12.

Expected Price per litre

Petrol Rs256.36

However, the government has proposed an increase in the petroleum levy as part of the Budget 2024-25, presented on June 12 with a total outlay of Rs18.9 trillion. The proposal recommends increasing the levy on petrol and diesel from Rs60 to Rs80 per litre, and a 50% surge in the levy on high-octane, light diesel, and ethanol, from Rs60 to Rs110 per litre. If approved, this would result in an increase in petroleum prices starting from July 2024.

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