Cement Rate Today

Today in this article we are going to discuss about the latest rate of cement in Pakistan. There are many cement companies are working in Pakistan and they have different price range according to product quality. So, it is important to know the price of all companies before buying cement to overcome lost. So, let's discuss about the rate of cement.

Cement Rate Today in Pakistan

Date : 05-July-2024     Grade 53 Cement 

Cement Company          Price 50kg 

BestWay Cement          RS. 1,440-1,450

Pakcem Cement           RS. 1,450-1,460

DG Khan Cement          RS. 1,450-1,460

Fauji Cement                 RS. 1,440-1,450

Lucky Cement               RS. 1,435-1,445

Cherat Cement              RS. 1,435-1,445

Maple Leaf cement      RS. 1,450-1,460

Power cement              RS. 1,435-1,445

Pioneer Cement           RS. 1,430-1,440

Paidar Cement             RS. 1,430-1,440

Falcon Cement             RS. 1,425-1,435

Flaying Pakistan 
Cement                          RS. 1,415-1,425

White cement price in Pakistan

Cement Company          Price 50kg 

Maple Leaf Cement        Rs. 2050-2150

Kohat White                    Rs. 1850-1950

What is cement?

Cement is a building or construction material used to make homes, shops, malls, bridges, and many other projects. There are two types of cement is available in Pakistan 1. Grade 53 Normal cement 2. White cement
But the grade 53 cement is most used in Pakistan.

Uses of cement:

Cement is a building material it is used in standing of buildings. But there are many other uses of cement are also considered like, making sanitary pipes, blocks, bridges, and dams.

Famous cement companies in Pakistan

There are many cement companies are operating in Pakistan but the most famous companies of cement are. Pak cem, Fauji cement, DG cement, maple leaf cement, askari cement, kohat cement.

Types of cement

There are two types of cement is available I Pakistan white cement and grade 53. Grade 53 is used in construction and white cement is used to beautifying the buildings and protect them from climate changes.

Price Fluctuation of cement

When the demand of cement get increased then the price of cement also get increased. International markets rates also affect cement rate. 

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